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About Us
The 2-Pack Factory Brisbane

The 2-Pack Factory offers prompt 2 pack (2PAC) spray painting of the highest quality to all kitchen, bathroom and shop cabinetry, big and small. We do pearl, metallic, satin and gloss finishes.

Does your kitchen need a facelift?

We can give your old kitchen a new look by spraying your existing cabinetry to a colour and finish of your choice.

  • What is 2-pack paint?
    2-Pack is a urethane paint mixed with a hardener which creates a much harder and long lasting finish. If you're looking for a professional to assist with any 2-Pack painting - contact The 2-Pack Factory
  • Why should I choose 2-pack?
    2-Pack is a premium hard wearing, long lasting finish. It has superior gloss levels, is heat resistant and is still the best product to give a seamless smooth finish no matter what the shape or profile of your item. If you need any assistance with 2-Pack Painting, call The 2-Pack Factory in Brisbane.
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